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Roof Replacement

Residential Roof Replacement Experts in Pennsylvania

Property owners know there are few features of a home more integral to providing shelter than a sturdy rooftop. Although new roofs are made to last several decades, even the most well-maintained roofs will eventually require replacement. With years of experience, the best materials, and unbeatable customer service, Royal Roofing Systems is your #1 choice for reliable Roof Replacement in Pennsylvania.

Why Chose Royal Roofing Systems for Roof Replacement?

Experienced Local Contractor

We like to think our charming personalities keep our customers coming back. What sets us apart is that we deliver the best-in-class roofing services Pennsylvania homeowners deserve. You won’t find better workmanship anywhere.

Insurance Claim Specialist

Need to claim your roof repair or replacement? We can help. We’re experts at handling insurance claims on behalf of customers and can get you the payout you need.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Our Pennsylvania residential roofing services are backed up by courteous, professional customer service from a team of friendly local contractors. We’re here to take the stress out of your roofing project and put a gorgeous new roof on your home – give us a call, and let’s talk!

Why You May Need a Full Roof Replacement

A roof usually needs a replacement for a few common reasons. The roof may be at the end of its lifespan and needs replacement due to age. Your roof may also have suffered damage over too much of its surface to justify a repair. Another common reason is that the roof materials may have been installed incorrectly.

Roofs have relatively predictable lifespans. A 3-tab asphalt shingle roof may have a lifespan of 15-20 years, while architectural shingles may last 20-25 years. Tile and metal roofing offer 50 years or better.

Strong winds, hail, and tree damage can all affect the integrity of your roof. If the damage covers a large enough portion of your roof, you may need to replace the entire roofing system according to your insurance policy.

Your roof may have been installed incorrectly. If so, it could present several issues, including ineffective water barriers, losing shingles well before the end of the roof’s lifespan, and additional problems. If your free inspection shows any of these issues on your roof, we can help you plan a full roof replacement.

What It Costs to Replace a Roof

Depending on the cause of the roof damage, you may be able to cover most of the roof replacement costs through your homeowner’s insurance policy, minus your deductible. We work closely with your insurance company to assist you with your claim.

Our roofing contractors will attend your adjuster appointments to ensure the adjuster sees the same damage on your roof that we identified during our inspection. We will also follow up with your insurance company to get you a decision quickly so we can move ahead with your roof replacement once the insurance company approves your claim.

You may also choose a roof replacement as a home improvement project. Your cost will depend on the roofing square count on your roof, roof pitch, and if we find damage to the roof deck when we remove the top layer of shingles.

Contact the Expert Roofing Contractors at Royal Roofing Systems

We’re proud to offer roof replacement through insurance or retail to residential and commercial customers in Pennsylvania. Call us at (570) 550-6578 or fill out the form below to schedule an on-site consultation.

Materials Used for Roof Replacement

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